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Work Packages and Timelines

CyberSure is organized in five work packages as follows:

  • WP1: Project Management
    • T1.1: Project coordination and management
    • T1.2: Scientific and technical coordination
    • T1.3: Quality and risk management
  • WP2: Cyber Insurance Scenarios, Pilots and Validation
    • T2.1: Scenarios and requirements for cyber insurance
    • T2.2: Development of validation framework
    • T2.3: Pilot of cyber insurance for e-health services
    • T2.4: Pilot of cyber insurance for cloud services
    • T2.5: Validation
  • WP3: Certification, Risk and Cyber Insurance Framework
    • T3.1: Advanced Certification Processes and Models for Cyber Systems
    • T3.2: Certification-enabled risk assessment
    • T3.3: Models of Cyber Insurance
    • T3.4: Tools for Certification, Risk Assessment and Cyber Insurance
  • WP4: CyberSure Platform Development
    • T4.1: CyberSure platform Requirements & Design
    • T4.2: CyberSure Platform Development
    • T4.3:  Integration of CyberSure platform with the pilots and testing
  • WP5: Impact, exploitation, dissemination and standardisation
    • T5.1: Exploitation and Innovation
    • T5.2: Contribution to Standards
    • T5.3: Dissemination, outreach and public engagement


The schedule of CyberSure execution is presented in the following Gannt Diagram and CyberSure Overall process:


CyberSure Gantt Chart
CyberSure Overal Process.png
CyberSure Overall Process